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Bro 6 months ago
Homie used every single "hip" word in his inventory
Nisho Khan 11 months ago
What's she name?
Really Such a Very beautiful pussy.
Stop this fucking aads 5 months ago
Stop this fucking aads
Obunga 5 months ago
She looks like Peggy Carter kinda
His peepee 5 months ago
Okay, but the way bro was beating his shit in the beginning tho...
5 months ago
That opening almost killed it for me, but I pulled through. Glad I did. I'm proud of me. Good for me.
Uhh 5 months ago
That dialogue was so attrotious that I went soft.
wtf 5 months ago
Why he got the donald trump haircut lmaooo
Isa 4 months ago
You know its funny that this video also points out how awkward making tiktok videos are
??? 5 months ago